Cradle Hill Community Primary School

Hi, welcome to the music pages!

Every one of you now has your very own password so that you can use the Charanga Yumu home learning units that I set up for you.

For KS2 there are also four instrument packages, so that you can have fun over the holidays learning the keyboards/guitar/recorder or violin.

There will be a chance to sing, improvise (make it up as you go along), compose (write your own music) and lots of new music to enjoy, and Y2 will also have access to the keyboard package.

There is also a music link especially for Reception- BBC School Radio, which has nursery rhymes and songs sung by CBeebies presenters.

As always, there will be a new music track every day - the kind of music which you may not normally listen to. Why not give it a try - you might discover a new musician or style of music which you really enjoy...

Every week we will explore a different instrument - maybe you will inspired to learn one yourself!

Use the map page to discover where in the world the track of the day music comes from,

If you are missing singing, why not go onto the Young Voices page to sing warm ups and songs, along with professional teachers?

Finally there are  some new ideas from BBC Ten Pieces to inspire you to create your own artwork or music.

Any comments about the music, questions, or drawings, ask your parents to contact me on:          Hope you enjoy it, Mrs Vieitez :)