Cradle Hill Community Primary School


Welcome to Cradle Hill Community Primary School PTFA (Parent, Teacher and Friends Association)

The PTFA is an association which aims to raise funds for the benefit of all the children at the school.  All parents/guardians, grandparents, staff and friends of the school are automatically members of the association.

The Association is run on your behalf by a committee; which is elected on an annual basis - details of who is on the current committee can be found on our PTFA Team page. 

We work hard to raise funds that will help provide facilities/resources for all of our children that will help enhance their learning experiences at school, and which they would otherwise go without.  

We are always busy organising new and exciting events. We publish events via our Facebook page –  

If you would like to get involved, maybe you have specific skill set you can offer or you just have a question or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us via our dedicated email


Registered Charity No: 1055495