Cradle Hill Community Primary School


Year 5 are taught by:

Mr J. Lewis-King (Octopus 5JLK)

Miss P. Kusadali (Orca 5PK)

Mrs V. Smith (Dragonfish 5VS)

Support by:

Miss Whittaker (Student Teacher) & Mrs. Watts (Teaching Assistant)

Our Topics

In year 5, we ensure that learning remains fun and fulfilling, whilst maintaining the rigour that is needed to ensure the school’s standards remain high. 

The children's learning takes them all over the world in Year 5 in the following learning journeys:

Term 1 - What is an Ancient Civilisation?

Term 2 - What is an Ancient Civilisation? (Depth Study of Ancient Egypt)

Term 3 - Who are Britain’s National Parks for?

Term 4 - How is climate change affecting the world?

Term 5 – Why is fair trade fair?

Term 6 – What impact has the Tide Mills development had on modern Seaford?

Terms 1 and 2 - What is an Ancient Civilisation?

Over the next two terms, we will be learning about Ancient Civilisations. In Term 1, we will look at what makes an Ancient Civilisation and will learn more about Sumer, Chinese civilisations (including the Shang Dynasty) and the Indus Valley. In the run up to Christmas, our learning will focus in on Ancient Egypt. 

Useful Documents 

Please click on the link below to find a full list of all the spellings your child should learn by the end of Year 6.

Year 5 & 6 Statutory Spelling List

Please see below our Year 5 calculation policy. Please refer to this for the calculations we use in school. This will support you when doing any Maths work at home with your children:

Key Information and Dates

PE Days (Please remember to wear PE kits to school on this day)

P.E. lessons will be taught on a Tuesday afternoon for all Year 5 classes. Children can come to school in the PE kit on a Tuesday. There is no need to bring their uniforms on this day. Children will need a plain white T-shirt, plain blue shorts/grey bottoms (leggings, tracksuits, etc.) and running shoes or plimsolls. All hair longer than the chin will need to be tied back and earrings removed or covered (we can provide earring tape if needed). All items of clothing and personal possessions need to be named.  

Ways to help your child at home

  • In order to promote regular reading, we ask every child to read for at least twenty minutes a day at home. This could be independent reading, reading with a sibling or adult or shared reading (you read a bit, they read a bit). Please ensure that the new reading records are signed every time they read. For every five entries in the reading record, children will earn a raffle ticket which gives them the chance to win a book at the end of each term.

  • Encourage children to blend words that they find tricky and ask questions to check their reading comprehension. 

  • Practise Lexia (if this applies to your child).

  • Practise spellings regularly.

  • Practise Times Tables using Times Table Rockstars.

  • Practise mental addition/subtraction and number bonds with Numbots (Same login as TTRockstars).

  • Use Doodle, little and often, to support your child's progression in Maths, English and Spelling.

  • For your mental health, use Headspace Mindfulness website. There are many great techniques for calming a busy mind and centering yourself.

  • If you would like some ideas for Mindfulness activities at home, click here.

  • Keep up with your children's right to be informed by watching a kid-friendly news programme each day. Click here for CBBC Newsround or here for the Good News Network. 

  • Watch these TED talks about different aspects of the Growth Mindset. Then watch them again :)