Cradle Hill Community Primary School


Please follow this link to find all of the information from our RSHE information session held on Thursday 10th February 2022. - please note that this a password protected page.

Year Five RSHE information session

Year 5 are taught by:

Mrs A. Nye (Octopus 5AN)

Mrs S. Eddie (Orca 5SE)

Mrs V. Smith (Dragonfish 5VS)

Support by Teaching Assistants:

Miss Whittaker & Mrs. Knight

Our Topics

In year 5, we ensure that learning remains fun and fulfilling, whilst maintaining the rigor that is needed to ensure the school’s standards remain high. 

The children's learning takes them all over the world in Year 5 in the following learning journeys:

Term 1 - Walking with Egyptians

Term 2 - It’s a Kind Of Magic

Term 3 - Final Frontier

Term 4 - Around the World in 80 days

Term 5 – Tide Mills Local History

Term 6 – The Journey of Life

We will be teaching these through a cross curricular approach so that the children are immersed into each topic.

Term 1 - Walking with Egyptians

In term 1, we will learn about: the reigns of Tutankhamun and Cleopatra, The Rosetta Stone, The Egyptian Creation Story and Mummification to name a few! For more information please view our Parent Booklet.






Useful Documents 

Please click on the link below to find a full list of all the spellings your child should learn by the end of Year 6. We advise parents to practice these weekly at home. We will be testing the children on 7 of these spellings weekly in class (5 sent home to practice and 2 random).

Year 5 & 6 Statutory Spelling List

Homework grids are sent out after every half term. Children can choose which tasks they would like to do. Please click on the link below for our current homework grid:

Autumn 1 Homework Grid

Division worksheet

Autumn 2 Homework Grid

Spring 1 Homework Grid

Spring 2 Homework Grid

Summer 1 Homework Grid

Tudor lover's knot recipe

Cheese Tart Recipe

Year 5 Summer Parent Booklet


Please see below our year 5 calculation policy. Please refer to this for the calculations we use in school. This will support you when doing any Maths work at home with your children:

Key Information and Dates

PE Times (Please remember to wear PE kits to school on this day)

Octopus Class (5AN) - Tuesday

Orca Class (5SE) - Tuesday

Dragonfish (5VS) - Friday

Upcoming Events

  • Sustrans Air Quality Project
  • Marcus Dilley Ancient Egyptian Workshop
  • Harry Potter Forest School

Ways to help your child at home

  • Read regularly with your child, please encourage them to sound out and blend words that they find tricky and ask questions to check their reading comprehension. 
  • Practise Lexia (if this applies to your child).
  • Practise spellings regularly.
  • Practise Times Tables using Times Table Rockstars.
  • Assist with homework tasks.
  • Use Doodle, little and often, to support your child's progression in Maths, English and Spelling.
  • Check Bug Club weekly for new assignments.