Cradle Hill Community Primary School

Supporting your Reception Child with Literacy

Please take time to watch the 12 minute video below of Miss Parks and Mrs Mottram explaining what we do in school and how you can help your child at home.



Please follow this link to view the 'nip, flip, grip' pencil grip method:

Nip, Flip, Grip


Phonics in Reception:
Sounds taught in Reception Autumn 1

Click here to watch the sounds taught in Reception Autumn 1


Sounds taught in Reception Autumn 2

Click here to watch the sounds taught in Reception Autumn 2


Sounds taught in Reception Spring 1

Click her to watch the sounds taught in Reception Spring 


How we teach blending

Click here to watch the blending video


How we teach tricky words

Click here to watch the tricky words video


For more information on how we teach phonics and how you can help your child please visit;

Parent Booklets

Please see here for the Parent Booklet Autumn 2022.
Please see here for the Parent Booklet Spring 2023.




Story Time

We love books and read every day. Listen to the Reception teachers read their favourite stories below:

Shrimp Class - Miss Parks




Neon Class - Mrs Mottram





Oyster Class - Mrs Budd




Reception Teacher Email Addresses

Please feel free to contact us with any queries you may have. We find emailing the most efficient way.


Miss Parks (Class Teacher of Shrimps and EYFS Lead)


Mrs Howell (Class Teacher of Neons) 


Mrs Budd (Class Teacher of Oysters) 


 50 things to do Before You're 5:

Visit the website or app for ideas of fun activities to do with your little ones! We would love it if you could document any of the activities you do to share with us via Tapestry.


School Uniform

We believe that having our own school uniform gives the school an identity and encourages the children to take pride in both their appearance and their school. The school colours are royal blue, grey and white and a full list is shown below:


Grey or black tailored trousers (not jeans or fashion trousers)

Grey tunic or skirt of an appropriate length

White shirt or white blouse

White polo shirt

White socks/black or grey tights

Royal blue and white check dress (for summer)

Royal blue pullover, cardigan, sweatshirt (crew or “V” neck) or fleece (with school emblem where possible)

Sensible well-fitting shoes (with backs or low heels) or summer sandals (no flip flop style shoes)

 All items with our school logo are available from My Clothing uniform service ( or Intersport in Seaford Town.

PE Kit

Plain white PE top

Royal blue shorts

Plimsolls - slip on or lace up