Cradle Hill Community Primary School

Snow Arrangements

In the event of significant snow fall there will likely be four possible scenarios for the school’s opening or closure:

1. Light snowfall. Side-roads are easily accessible by car, main roads have been gritted and public transport is running normally. School will be open as usual.
2. Medium snowfall. Side roads are not easily accessible by car, especially in hilly residential areas in Brighton and Eastbourne but public transport is running. School will open for all children at a later time of 10:00am to allow sufficient staff to use public transport to arrive at school with delays and congestion being anticipated.
3. Heavy snowfall. Side roads are not accessible and public transport is not running. School will be closed.
4. Heavy snow begins during the day and begins to settle to levels which may cause travel disruption. The school will monitor the situation but may ask parents to collect children early if they are able to do so, in order to ensure that children and staff get home safely.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to plan for every possible circumstance, so the above is a guide only and there may be options for ‘partial closures.’

The problem that the school is most likely to encounter in snowy conditions is the ability of our staff to attend school, particularly class teachers, very few of whom live in Seaford. Without a sufficient number of qualified teachers and senior staff, the school would be unable to open safely and would therefore partially or completely close.

All parents and carers can find out about emergency school closures by:

  • Checking the school website:
  • Checking on the school app.
  • Viewing the List of emergency school closures on the ESCC website:
  • Subscribing to School Closure Alerts on the ESCC website above.
  • Listening to local radio stations (BBC Radio Sussex, Heart FM, Seahaven FM, Sovereign FM)
  • Receiving an e-mail and text message via Call Parents.

The school app is the quickest and easiest way for the school to let you know about school closures so please download the ‘OurSchoolsApp’ if you have not already done so. If you have any difficulties signing up, please contact the school office and we will help you.