Cradle Hill Community Primary School

Code of Conduct

Cradle Hill Community Primary School expects its staff to behave professionally and we expect parents and other visitors to behave in a reasonable way towards its staff. Some of the types of behaviour that are considered unacceptable whilst on the school site are listed below:  

  • Threatening or abusive behaviour including: shouting at staff either in person or on the phone 
  •  Swearing 
  •  Showing temper 
  •  Offensive gestures 
  •  Aggresion 
  •  Excessive noise e.g shouting 
  •  Spitting 
  •  Racist, homophobic or sexist comments 
  •  Willful damage to school property 
  •  Theft 
  •  Physically intimidating a member of staff e.g. standing very close 
  •  Breaching our security procedures  
  •  Approaching another child or a parent in the playground in a threatening or aggressive manner 
  •  Spreading rumours or malicious gossip in person or using social media 
  • Harrasment; Harassment is where an individual or individuals  unreasonable behaviour
    ● appears to, over a period of time, target one or more members of school staff
     ● causes ongoing distress to individual member(s) of school staff 
    ● has a significant adverse effect on the whole/parts of the school community 
    ● is pursued in a manner which can be perceived as intimidating and oppressive by the recipient. This could include situations where persistent demands and criticisms, while not particularly taxing or serious when viewed in isolation, have a cumulative effect over time of undermining confidence, well-being and health
     ● unnecessarily takes up an inordinate amount of staff time, detracting from staff members’ ability to undertake legitimate school business. For example, through sending persistent and lengthy emails

Should any of the above behaviour occur, the school may feel it is necessary to send a written warning, contact the authorities and if necessary, ban the offending adult from entering the school grounds.  

Social Media 

The use of social media to post libelous or defamatory remarks about the school, staff, other parents or children will be reported and we ask that parents report any abuse to the school.