Cradle Hill Community Primary School

Reading for Pleasure at home

Parents/ carers have a crucial role in encouraging their children to see reading as an enjoyable activity and to support them with learning to read. As well as supporting your child in learning to read themselves for at least 10 minutes a day, the continued sharing of books together plays such an important role in becoming lifelong readers. Enjoying stories together as a family and chatting together about them makes such a positive impact in seeing reading as an enjoyable and worthwhile activity.


Top 5 tips for Promoting Reading for Pleasure at home

1. Create a reading den or cosy corner with a selection of books for children to read.

 2. Visit your local library and borrow some new books.

 3. Create a reading routine. For example, read a set number of stories each night before going to sleep.

 4. Show children that you as parents/carers love reading too. Read in front of them and talk about how you enjoy reading.

 5. Continue to read aloud to your children even when they can read fluently by themselves. Using expression, voices for characters and chatting about the book all help to create a positive experience for the children.