Cradle Hill Community Primary School



At Cradle Hill School the PSHE/RSHE curriculum, known as ‘Me and My Community’, will prepare children to live in an increasingly complex world which presents both positive and exciting opportunities as well as challenges and risk.

It will achieve this by helping them develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they will need to manage their lives now and in the future.

By the time they leave Cradle Hill School children will have an essential understanding of how to stay healthy.

They will be taught about the concept of mental wellbeing and how to take care of themselves and receive support if mental health issues arise. They will understand the key building blocks of respectful relationships that focus on family and friends in all contexts, including on line. They will be skilled in managing their academic, personal and social lives in a positive way and know how to manage their personal safety by assessing and handling risk. They will be prepared to make the most of life and work and live in the wider world.

The curriculum has been written in consultation with parents/carers and the wider community in line with statutory requirements. All information about this consultation is available on our website.



The Me and My Curriculum comprehensively covers the statutory guidance outlining the content that schools must cover from September 2020. (See the DfE publication ‘Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education’. In addition, it includes non-statutory aspects of the PSHE curriculum that the document does not mention such as economic well-being, careers and enterprise education and personal safety, including assessing and managing risk.

To achieve this, the curriculum is delivered through the following three core themes:

  • Core theme 1: Health and Well-being
  • Core theme 2: Relationships
  • Core theme 3: Living the Wider World 

The core themes are taught through well-chosen, carefully sequenced units (contexts) that will allow pupils to embed new knowledge so that it can be confidently used in real life situations. The themes also facilitate the revisiting, reinforcing and extending of prior learning so that knowledge, skills, related vocabulary and attributes are developed year upon year. Whilst the themes are separate, a lot of content will overlap. In particular, relationships and assessing and managing risk and managing life online are integrated throughout all three themes.

 All subject content will be delivered in an age appropriate and developmentally appropriate way, taking into consideration pupils’ increasing independence and physical social awareness as they move through the school.

The curriculum will be taught sensitively and inclusively with respect to the backgrounds and beliefs of pupils and parents, while always with the aim of providing pupils with the knowledge they need of the law.


Our PSHE curriculum is planned to demonstrate skills, knowledge and vocabulary progression to ensure age related attainment at the end of each Key Stage. Upon completion of each unit teachers will assess children against the progression of skills and knowledge document.

 Assessment is in relation to each of the core themes:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Living in the wider world

Termly assessment will take place to track children’s progress against age related expectations for PSHE.



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