Cradle Hill Community Primary School

Neuro Ninja

Cradle Hill Community Primary School works with local support group, Neuro Ninja. This programme supports every person - child, student, parent, carer, teacher, member of support staff and governor.

What is a #NeuroNinja?

Someone who lives in their brain, understanding how it works and how to get the best out of it everyday.

Neuro Ninja supports the school in the following ways:

* Weekly videos for children and young people covering these main topics

- Promoting the 12 rocks of well-being

- Guiding us through how to respond to and manage anxiety

- Unleashing learning and productivity

* A resource site for all parents, carers and children to access out of school

* Parents and carer webinars every term


#NeuroNinja Webinars

Webinars for this term are listed below. They will start at 8pm and run for 30 minutes:

Well-Being Strand Webinars

Wed 6 Oct 8pm: Building Great Sleep

Thu 7 Oct 8pm: SEND Focus: Finding Balance in the ASD Brain


Mind Management Webinars

Wed 13 Oct 8pm: Understanding & Responding to Anxiety (1)

Thu 14 Oct 8pm: Understanding & Responding to Anxiety (2)


Unleashing Learning and Productivity Webinars

Wed 20 Oct 8pm: Beat Procrastination: How Do I Get Stuff Done

Thu 21 Oct 8pm: SEND Focus: Unleashing The Dyslexic Brain


To sign up to these webinars, please click here