Cradle Hill Community Primary School

Neuro Ninja 

Cradle Hill Community Primary School works with local support group, Neuro Ninja. This programme supports every person - child, student, parent, carer, teacher, member of support staff and governor.

What is a #NeuroNinja?

Someone who lives in their brain, understanding how it works and how to get the best out of it everyday.

Neuro Ninja supports the school in the following ways:

* Weekly videos for children and young people covering these main topics

- Promoting the 12 rocks of well-being

- Guiding us through how to respond to and manage anxiety

- Unleashing learning and productivity

* A resource site for all parents, carers and children to access out of school

* Parents and carer webinars every term


#NeuroNinja Webinars

Webinars for this term are listed below. They will start at 8pm and run for 30 minutes:

Build Great Sleep

Wednesday 9th March and Thursday 10 March at 8pm

Unleash Little and Often Learning

Wednesday 16th March and Thursday 17th March at 8pm

Anxiety Masterclass for Parents and Carers

Wednesday 23rd March and Thursday 24th March at 8pm

Living in Balance with an ASC Brain

Wednesday 30th March and Thursday 31st March at 8pm


To sign up to these webinars, please click here