We believe every child needs to feel valued and appreciated. We therefore place the emotional well being of the children in our school at the centre of everything we do. We recognise that children need to be happy and be secure emotionally before they can succeed fully. We therefore have three  trained Thrive practitioners working in our school as well as one further member of staff being trained to support our children. We know that as children travel through the school with us they may go through difficult times, such as experiencing a bereavement, separation or illness, and that these will impact on a child's emotional well being and it is a priority for us to work in partnership with parents and carers to support children at these times. 

To find out more about Thrive please follow the link below:                                        

Our Thrive staff trained or in training are:

Mrs Andrea Keith - Acting Headteacher
Mrs Jude Smith - SENCO 
Mrs Sue Sapwell - Teacher
Mrs Yvonne English - Individual Needs Assistant

If you have any concerns about the well being of your child please contact us and we will work in partnership with you to support your child.