Year 6

Welcome to year 6!

Even though the children have reached the top of the school and are growing up fast, the fun doesn't stop in Year 6! Each of our learning journeys are full of exciting experiences, which suit all types of learner.We also go on many trips, including, Newhaven Fort and a residential trip to Kingswood in Kent.The children are given much more responsibility and are encouraged to become more independent learners throughout this year, which sets them in good stead for their transition to secondary school.

Our learning journeys this year are:

The Home Front- a journey through life in Britain during World War Two

Wild World- a geography topic all about natural disasters around the world

The Fantastic Voyage- a journey through life on Earth, from Darwin to genetic engineering

Journey to Mecca- a look at Islam and the Islamic golden era

All Change- a transition unit, which reflects on life changes and growing up

Useful information and links:

Further to our e-safety lessons in class, parents can also use this website to help chidlren stay safe on the internet.



Helping your child at home

  • Daily reading is essential - In Year 4 - 6 we recommend 15 minutes daily reading to an adult but find that children usually like to read independently for longer. We recommend children share a range of reading materials from fiction, to facts, to poetry, to newspapers! 
  • Regular practise of key number facts such as times tables. This could be through verbal practise, songs or finding games to aid with learning and remembering these. There are lots of free games and apps available for this. 
  • Ensuring your child completes their weekly homework and any SATS practise sent home. 
  • Encouraging children to learn their weekly spellings.
  • Regular writing practise. Why not write a letter to your favourite author?