Year 5 Octopus and Orca

In year 5 we ensure that learning remains fun and fulfilling, whilst maintaining the rigor that is needed to ensure the school’s standards remain high. 

The children's learning takes them all over the world in Year 5 in the following learning journeys;

Term 1 - Walking with Egyptians,

Term 2 - It’s a Kind Of Magic

Term 3 - Final Frontier

Term 4 - Around the World in 80 days

Term 5 – Off with their Heads!

Term 6 – The Journey of Life

 We will be teaching these through a cross curricular approach so that the children are immersed into each topic. 

Our current Topic is It's a Kind of Magic! 

Walking with Egyptians Term 1 

Creative History Workshop

On Wednesday 27th November, Year 5 were visited by Creative History for an exciting Ancient Egyptian Workshop with Marcus Dilley.

It was full of facts, laughter, myths and body organs aplenty in a very interactive show looking at a truly amazing culture. The children were also involved in singing, dancing and acting which was brilliant!

"It was very inspiring and he had us on the edge of our seats. He was very energetic and funny. I would recommend it to people with lots of humour and laughter!" Mollie (Octopus Class)

"My favourite part of this term in topic has been when we made our own salt dough for our cartouches and also when we tried Egyptian food." Freddie (Octopus Class)

It’s a Kind of Magic Term 2

We have been doing lots of experiments in Year 5. We are looking closely at the different properties of materials and chemical reactions. Our first experiment was with Coke and Mentos.. it was great fun!

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Mar 5, 2015, 3:32 AM
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Oct 5, 2017, 2:58 AM