Year 4

In Year 4 the children's learning takes them all over the world in the following learning journeys; The Rainforest, Crunch!, The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings, Bright Sparks, The Romans and Sounds Around The World. Through a cross curricular approach, the children are immersed into each topic. 

Our current topic we are focusing on is The Romans! 

Previous topic - Bright Sparks 

This topic revolves around electricity.  Heavily linked with science, we explored Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla and many more famous scientists.  We even carried out some of our own experiments that tested whether different materials were conductors or insulators.

A completed circuit with a bright bulb

"We made a circuit with a bulb, battery and 3 wires.  Then we tested different materials to see which were conductors and which were insulators.  The conductors let electricity flow through them and made the lightbulb light up."

By Kalisha.

Another completed circuit 

Science Week!  20-24/03/17

During science week we explored solids, liquids and gases as well as reversible and irreversible reactions.  We had lots of fun carrying out experiments such as the Bicarbonate Balloons, Making Butter and The Fizzy Volcano!  We even helped the ice trolls to reduce the rate at which they melted by trying different types of insulators.

Creating their fizzy volcanoes
The fizzy volcanoes erupt!

The Romans

Our current topic is the Romans.  We have been learning about how Rome was formed, what being a Roman citizen was like and the children have written a job application for the Roman army, listing all of the reasons they want to join alongside the reasons they would make a good centurion.  We have also been drawing still life of roman artifacts.
A sketch of a Centurion helmet

A sketch of a Roman vase

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