Year 2

In year 2 we aim to become more in
dependent learners. Our learning is very much based around a series of learning journeys which provide progression through the year. We start with 'Food, Glorious Food' then move to the Antarctic with 'Explorers'. We travel back in time in the first part of the Spring term to 'The Great Fire of London' before flying with migrating swallows to Africa in 'Follow the Swallow'. In the summer we answer the question 'Where are the Wild Things?' with an exploration of living things through minibeasts, our coastal environment and plants.

Phonics is an excellent website with free interactive activities which can support and consolidate your child's phonetic knowledge.

Reading in Year 2

Please read with your child daily and make a note in the reading record. Children can change their own reading books as required in our shared reading area.

Staying safe on the internet

Further to our e -safety lessons in class, parents can also use this website , about a character called Hector, to help children stay safe on the internet.

This term's topic is... 

Food Glorious Food! 

The children have been learning about healthy foods. We made and tasted our own vegetable soup. 

We have set up an experiment to investigate the effect of different drinks on our teeth. 

Please practise the 2, 5 and 10 multiplication facts. 
Revise key skills of doubling, halving and number bonds.

Ask your child to explain to you how to add and subtract using a numberline.

Use maths in real life contexts such as telling the time to quarter of an hour intervals, adding totals of money and giving change from £1, weighing using scales and identifying simple equivalent fractions of shapes and numbers.

Follow the links below for maths games online:












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