Cradle Hill Community Primary School

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

 The children have settled into Year 1, learning to be more independent, ordering their own lunches and changing their own reading books. We have been taking advantage of our outside area and the children have been provided with opportunities to extend and embed their learning through play and choosing activities.

We have also been getting ready to celebrate Harvest Festival. We are enjoying practising our Harvest songs.

Autumn 1

Autumn 1 Parent Booklet


We started the term by learning about ourselves and exploring the characters and shapes of the Mr Men world. We have also been labelling animals, writing adjectives to describe animals and writing about our favourite animals. We will continue to gain confidence writing independently using our phonics, capital fingers, finger spaces and full stops.


We have recapped Phase 2 and 3 sounds and words to ensure our learning has been embedded. We are gaining further confidence using these sounds to decode, segment and blend when reading and writing.

Please continue to read daily with your child to ensure their phonics and comprehension skills are continually being practised at home. We celebrate children who have read 25, 50, 75 and 100 books with a certificate.


We have been focusing on number. We have been counting forward and back, adding and subtracting numbers and counting on from specific numbers. Towards the end of term we will be learning about shape.


Over the Year we will also be covering the foundation subjects including RE, PSHE, PE, Music, Computing, History and Geography.


Autumn 1 Animals – classifying animals, sketching animals, using oil pastels to create an animal picture based on the artist Henri Rousseau, identifying and naming animals body parts and exploring texts that feature animals (Dear Zoo and Owl Babies). We are also very lucky to have an Owl visit.

Autumn 2 Destination Unknown – ordering planets, exploring space texts (Man on the Moon) and learning about Neil Armstrong and the Moon landing.  

Spring 1 Toys – exploring old and new toys, sketching toys, exploring toy texts (Dogger and Old bear) designing, making and evaluating our own moving vehicle.

Spring 2 Around and About - learning about our local area, labelling countries in the United Kingdom.

Summer 1 Get Set …. Grow – Planting seeds and watching them grow, designing a garden, labelling parts of plants and trees and identifying plants and flowers.

Summer 2 Fairytales – Learning about traditional fairy tales, writing stories using adjectives and conjunctions. Come to school dressed as your favourite fairytale character for a fairytale ball.


Show and Tell

We will have Show and Tell during the last week of every term.

Monday—red group,

Tuesday—green group,

Wednesday—blue group,

Thursday—yellow group. 


PE times

Starfish (1KH)  — Monday and Fridays

Seahorses (1LS)— Monday and Thursdays

Seadragons (1BD) — Monday and Thursdays


Ways to help your child at home


  • Read regularly with your child, please encourage them to sound out and blend words that they find tricky and ask questions to check their reading comprehension.
  • Practise Lexia and Bullseye (if this applies to your child).
  • Practise spellings regularly.
  • You can check out these websites:


Number Formation

Phoneme 2 & 3 Sound Mat

Phase 2 to 5 Tricky Words Word Mat

Letter Formation Alphabet Handwriting Sheet